Troubleshooting High CPU on Exchange servers

Troubleshooting High CPU on Exchange servers

Recently came across multiple issues with Exchange servers at customer end; CAS/HUB and Mailbox servers were consuming more CPU more than 80%. In this blog,  summarizing the steps taken to identify and fix the issue.

Scenario 1: All core roles CAS /HUB and Mailbox servers were consuming High CPU.

In high CPU start the troubleshooting with task manager and perfmon. The task manager and perfmon data pointed to “WMI” process. To drill down further we used “procmon” by sysinternal. However, it just pointed out SVChost process under the WMI consuming the more chunk of CPU. However, it still did not provide us with the exact answer.

To troubleshoot further, we user resource monitor, a built in tool in Windows 2008 r2.

To open it , run “perfmon” from command prompt. Then in perfmon windows you will see following.

( The following screen shots are not taken during the actual problem time, this is just to navigate you to resource monitor, in case you are not aware)

Click on Open resource monitor.

The actual SVChost process was running under a network service account. It was queried by a specific IP. We drill down to find out it was an inventory management server. We disabled the service, which helped us fix the issue.